Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars

As soon as you cross your early twenties, signs of aging start to show through. Fine lines start to form around your eyes, you began to develop laugh lines and your skin begins to sag. As your skin ages, its healing capability decreases which means more acne scars on your face. Many celebrities approaching their forties swear by the radio frequency treatment for maintaining their youthful looks and spot less skin. Radio Frequency Treatment in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is a non invasive solution to eliminate acne scars and dull looking skin for life. Say hello to fresh, glowing and scar free skin.

Are you the right prospect?

Radio frequency treatment for acne scars in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is an amazing procedure. But you have to determine whether it is the right treatment for you or not. Consider the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to undergo the treatment.
  • You are looking for a non-invasive solution.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You are not breastfeeding.
  • You want to eliminate acne scars and acquire a flawless complexion.

Pre-Procedural Care

Pre-Procedural Care plays a critical role in radio frequency treatment for acne scars in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. You must follow all the instructions delivered by your dermatologist. Here is a list of most important ones.

  • Quit smoking for at least two weeks, prior to the treatment.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Limit your sun exposure and always wear a sun block.
  • Discontinue use of any creams containing Retin A in them.
  • Fill in your prescriptions ahead of time.
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of the treatment.


Radio Frequency Treatment for acne scars in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is a non invasive lunch hour procedure. A total of 4 to 6 sessions are required to see complete results. It comprises of following key steps:

  • Your skin is cleaned to ensure there are no traces of dirt and makeup on your skin.
  • A numbing cream is applied on the top surface of your skin to avoid any pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • A hand held radio frequency device is moved across the surface of the skin, mainly targeting acne scars.
  • The radio frequency beam removes the top layer of the skin, thereby lightening the scars.
  • It will also stimulate collagen production which will stimulate the healing process of the skin.
  • With every progressive treatment, your scars will fade away until you require a flawless skin.

Post-Procedural Care

Post-Procedural Care plays a key role in the outcome of Radio Frequency Treatment for acne scars in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. It ensures that you don’t experience any irritation and redness. Follow the following guidelines:

  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight.
  • Always wear a sunscreen, SPF 60 and above.
  • Use all the topical medications religiously.
  • Do not pick at your skin.
  • Avoid touching your face excessively.
  • Do not go for any other skin care treatments.

Recovery Phase

Radio Frequency Treatment for acne scars in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah does not involve any significant recovery period or downtime. You can go back to work the day after the treatment. However, ensure to follow all the care instructions given by your dermatologist.


Radio Frequency Treatment for acne scars in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi has a gazillion benefits. Here are some of the most pronounced ones:

  • It is a non invasive solution to get rid of scars.
  • It does not involve any downtime.
  • It completely eliminates acne scars.
  • It also makes your skin look younger.
  • It eliminates the earlier signs of aging along with scar removal.
  • It provides permanent results


Results produced by Radio frequency treatment for acne scars in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are permanent. Your scars will completely fade away for life. They won’t come back ever and your skin will feel and look better than ever.

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