Freckles and Blemishes

Skin Blemishes and Freckles are a fairly common skin issue that mostly affects people of lighter complexion. They are mostly a result of sun damage and lack of essential vitamins in your diet. They usually appear as reddish brown dots on your cheeks and nose area. In some cultures they are regarded as cute but in most cultures, they are seen as a flaw. We all get blemishes here and there. For some of us, they are more common the other. Regardless, they don’t work in the best interests of your skin. If you wish to achieve a flawless complexion, going for Freckles and Blemishes Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is the best decision you can ever make for achieving a picture perfect skin.

Is this the Right Treatment?

Before undergoing any treatment, you have to ask yourself; is this the right treatment for me or not? Here are a few things to determine whether Freckles and Blemishes Treatment in Sharjah/Abu Dhabi is the right treatment for you or not.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to undergo the Laser Treatment.
  • You have freckles all over your face.
  • You have a lot of blemishes.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You are not breastfeeding.
  • You do not suffer from any chronic illnesses.

Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care plays an important role in Freckles and Blemishes Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi/ Sharjah. Here is a list of general guidelines that you must follow before the treatment:

  • Avoid alcohol consumption for at least a month before the treatment.
  • Do not use creams containing Retin-A in them.
  • Quit smoking for a few weeks before the treatment.
  • Fill your prescriptions in advance.
  • Do not go for any other freckles and blemishes treatments.
  • Limit your sun exposure to avoid further damage.


There are multiple options for freckles and blemishes treatment in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. They vary from simple topical creams to fancy laser treatments. Here are few of the most prominent ones.

Topical Creams

Topical Creams are used as the first line of defense against freckles and blemishes. The topical creams used as freckles and blemishes treatment in Sharjah generally contain hydroquinone, kojic acid, and tretinoin in them. Such creams have to be applied consistently for a longer duration. To see results. The results produced by such creams might not be permanent. Blemishes and freckles are most likely to return after these creams are discontinued.

Laser Treatment

Laser Freckles and Blemishes treatment in Sharjah is a non–invasive procedure to instantly transform your skin. It will not only help you get rid of such blemishes and freckles but will also make your skin glow from within. Laser beam targets a certain area, without affecting the nearby skin. Melanin production is controlled, resulting in a clearer, brighter and much smooth looking skin.

IPL Therapy

Intense pulsed light therapy is another great option for complete removal of freckles and blemishes. It helps you to achieve a flawless skin in a matter of few sessions. It not only targets the skin on the outside but also stimulates collagen production and speeds up the cell turnover. The result is revitalized and picture-perfect skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are a great Freckles and Blemishes treatment in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. A chemical solution is applied on your skin surface and is allowed to sit there for about twenty minutes. When the solution is removed, it helps to eliminate the topmost layer of the skin, making your skin clearer with every progressive treatment. On average, 4 to 6 sessions of chemical peels are enough for eliminating blemishes and freckles.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment Care is an important part of Freckles and Blemishes in Abu Dhabi/Sharjah. You must follow all the instructions administered by your dermatologist. Here is a list of few general instructions:

  • Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and limit direct sun exposure.
  • Opt for warm instead of hot showers.
  • Do not use any creams containing glycolic/salicylic acid in them.
  • Take all the oral and topical medications regularly.
  • Do not go for any other treatments.


Freckles and Blemishes in Dubai has endless benefits. Here are few of the most significant ones.

  • Freckles and blemishes treatment in Abu Dhabi/ Sharjah is a noninvasive procedure.
  • It helps you achieve a flawless skin.
  • It makes you appear years younger than your age.
  • No significant recovery period and downtime are involved.
  • Your skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • The procedure takes less than an hour to complete.


Results of Freckles and Blemishes treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah vary from person to person. Also, it is highly depended on the treatment chosen. You will notice a reduction in the appearance of freckles and blemishes immediately after the treatment. However, complete removal of Stretch Marks can be witnessed after all the sessions are completed.

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