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Facial hairs are always annoying for women. Women get a face hair removing treatment every now and then just to get rid of hairs that affect their womanish look. In fact, these unwanted hair do not take much of their time but they are like a forced choice because women have to thread, tweeze, or epilate them at least once every week. These traditional methods are temporary measures and this is the biggest setback for women in this fast paced era. Some disadvantages that these traditional techniques offer are:

  • They are time consuming.
  • They are not permanent treatments and you need to repeat them every now and then.
  • Threading and epilating some sensitive facial areas are quite painful for some women.
  • Traditional hair removal methods can cause in-grown hair problem.

Modern Hair Removing Treatments

Laser is modern facial hair removal treatment in Dubai. It uses beam of light to target hair follicles that produce and nourish a hair. Melanin, the dark pigment in hair absorbs heat of laser which destroys hair follicles, and thus they cannot produce hair any longer. Laser targets selective areas in the treatment area – the areas with darkest pigment – thus leaving surrounding skin untouched. This feature is another factor working behind the tremendous success of Laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi.

Laser is an approved permanent hair reduction treatment in the United Arab Emirates and all over the world. Repeated treatments are necessary to create pleasant results. Usually, a patient is recommended to have seven laser sessions in order to get rid of hairs completely. You notice a significant reduction in density of unwanted facial hair after each session. Some patients also report to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently. After that, you will require to visit clinic and have laser sessions several months apart to maintain results. Features that make laser hair removal a success are:

  • It is more effective than traditional methods.
  • It offers permanent hair reduction
  • It is less time consuming because you do not need to repeat it every week. Or even not every month.
  • Laser causes lesser pain than threading the sensitive facial areas may cause.
  • It is a safe procedure that does not cause any serious or permanent side effects, but only when performed by an experienced dermatologist or laser expert.

Are there any side effects?

Like all other cosmetic procedures there are some side effects associated with the use of lasers as well. these include redness, itching and swelling in treated area. A carefully done laser treatment does not result in complications. However, as stated above, having your laser hair removal from an inexperienced dermatologist may result in complications like acne, skin pigmentation, skin discoloration and skin burn. Some skin and hair combinations are best for laser treatment like a combination of light skin and dark coarse hair.

To get facial laser hair removal in Dubai from the best laser skin care expert, contact Laser Skin Care Clinic now, a well known skincare facility in the UAE. They also offer free online consultation for their clients. To book an appointment, visit their website laserskicare.ae now.

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