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Laser Skin Care Clinic Abu Dhabi was established years ago with a mission to provide comprehensive laser and cosmetic services in the Gulf Region. Even during the initial phases, we ensured that our staff is equipped with a set of technical and clinical skills which sets us apart from the rest. The clinic thus fulfilled a major gap in the Skin Care and Cosmetic industry by offering all the latest treatments which represented the needs of our valued clients. We are a strong profile, nationally and internationally with a solid set of our very own dermatologists and regular visits from the best dermatologists (or magicians as we like to call them) from all around the world.

We offer all possible treatments for your skin and body under one roof. The popular treatments offered at our Laser Skin Care Clinic Sharjah and Abu Dhabi includes skin whitening treatments, laser hair removal Dubai, anti aging treatment, pigmentation treatment, spider veins treatment, scar removal treatment and laser tattoo removal treatment. Some of our most commonly used techniques include fractional lasers, micro needling, intense pulsed light therapy, chemical peels in dubai, microdermabrasion and green peels. Your wish is our command. Whatever you require for tackling your beauty concerns, we have got you covered.

The Team at Skin Care Clinic Abu Dhabi includes the best doctors, nurses, consultants and reception staff on board. Our services and customer reviews speak for ourselves. We also offer a Free Online Consultation for our valued clients. After determining your unique needs, we progress towards the treatment, perfectly designed for you. We also offer zero financing services to our clients. Simply, let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver accordingly.


  • I had suffered from cystic acne and it left behind rigid scars which made me extremely self-conscious. After undergoing micro needling treatment for scars, my skin looks and feels flawless.
  • I damaged my skin beyond measure and suffered all the signs of premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles, owing to my poor skin care regimen. Thankfully after getting an anti aging treatment from you guys, my skin transformed completely and it makes me look years younger than my age.

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Home Remedies To Get Rid of Unwanted Hairs

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